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27 Feb 2012 - 05:28:32 pm

Quite Literally, We've Run Out Of Words . . .

"Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) -- The refrigerated compartments at Shifa Hospitalís morgue in Gaza City were filled three bodies to a drawer.†Dozens more corpses wrapped in sheets lay on stretchers in the white-walled morgue yesterday as grieving parents identified sons who were killed in Israelís most punishing aerial assault on the Gaza Strip in more than 40 years. Hospital corridors were jammed with wounded, many screaming as they waited for a doctor.†Gaza was saturated in death as Israelís bombardment continued for a third day with rushed funerals taking place in cemeteries throughout the 40-kilometer-long seaside territory."

Bored yet? Well, you should be: this slaughter took place four years ago. Move on, for God's sake. Everyone dies in Gaza. Get a life. How did Man United do this weekend?

Jerusalem (AP) February 11 2012. "Palestinian officials say Israeli airstrikes have killed a security guard in the Gaza Strip. The security officials say 71-year-old Abdelkareem Abu Zeituneh was guarding an orchard when his trailer was hit. . . . The Israeli military said in a statement that aircraft targeted tunnels and a weapons factory in response to rocket fire in southern Israel."

The real news - up there with the soccer results - is that Syria's repressive regime is putting down rebels and there's civilian bloodshed and besides, an eminent and much-loved Western journalist, the American Marie Colvin, has been killed. "There is another American female journalist who is in a really serious condition," said a Reuters report carried in The Telegraph. "That's enough now," said Nicola Sarkozy in The Guardian; "This regime must go and there is no reason that Syrians don't have the right to live their lives and choose their destiny freely. If journalists were not there, the massacres would be a lot worse."†One presumes he said this with a straight face. Perhaps, like most of you, †he was bored hearing of the atrocities carried out by Israel on the Palestinians. Perhaps too he forgot that during the †war-crimes ridden Operation Cast Lead, the Israelis wouldn't permit journalists to watch their massacres. "Marie Colvin's killing piles pressure on Assad as civilian death toll rises," chirped The Guardian headline. The unignorable tragedy of the death of this brave and committed journalist was already being politicised. Her predecessor at The Sunday Times, David Blundy, was killed in El Salvador in the late 'eighties, a little nuisance of a place in which U.S. played a central and notorious †role in an attempt to crush the possible rise of the Left.

No one seems to recall 19-year-old US citizen, Furkan Dogan, shot four times in the head and killed when Israel raided the Gaza aid flotilla in 2010. P.J. Crowley, for the US State Department, talked about communicating 'through multiple channels' with Israel over the death. He didn't mention sanctions or any other action, oddly. And who remembers the American activist Rachel Corrie, murdered by the Israelis? Best answer to this one comes from a contributor on 'Answers Yahoo!' who states simply, "I clearly remember it and can review (sic) the sorrowful scenes. They forgot it cause our best ally made it! Just imagine if an Iranian, Iraqi, Afghanistani or Palestinian had done it!" Give that man a cigar. The bulldozer was, of course, American-made and supplied. No sanctions called for there either. A whimper by Congress for an investigation was conveniently lost in committee. "We take care of our people," blimped Senator Rockfeller; but he was talking about the Hollywood fiction of Jessica Lynch.†"First there was Brian Avery, a 24-year-old shot in the face on April 5. Then Tom Hundall, a British ISM activist shot in the head and left Brain dead on April 11. Next was James Miller, the British cameraman shot dead while wearing a vest that said 'TV.' In all of these cases, eye-witnesses say the shooters were Israeli soldiers." So stated the site, Common Dreams. Not a bleep of outrage from Westminster, not a hint of a call for sanctions or worse against Israel. But now the †ever-odious Hillary Clinton is warning Syria's Assad: sanctions are called for, united action with Europe is demanded, the US makes noises about military intervention. To stop civilian bloodshed, of course. Pure humanitarianism. As in Libya. No, I apologise - that was a hundred years ago. Boring.†

Hypocrisy is meaningless as a word to define the attitude of the West towards Israel. We've run out of words, we need an entirely new language. The West's politicised media have no scruple in parroting, instead of disowning and denouncing, the weasal-slick words of politicians who would use the death of a gallant reporter in order to advance a decrepit and callous agenda. Using her name in this fashion is a political and journalistic atrocity. I will dare to suggest that Marie Colvin would be appalled. Someone should scream "Not In Her Name!" Some headline should scream it. It will never happen.†

It is neither good politics nor good newspaper-ship to recall or mention atrocities committed by the Israeli IDF who are, in the words of the amateur but knowledgable commentator, 'our best ally.' Israel can murder and maim American and British citizens at will and we, dog-like, swallow any morsel of excuse thrown at us, but by God we will do nothing about it. Here in Ireland, they can run off with Irish passports or replicas thereof, and we bark a couple of times for appearances' sake, aware of how quickly people get bored. So the word 'we' applies.†

The US wants Iran. It enouraged Iraq's Saddam Hussein - another 'best ally' - to go to war with Iran and later rewarded Hussein by hanging him; Hussein, who detested al-Qaeda and all forms of Muslim extremism. Iran is a nuclear danger, says the US, while igoring Saudi ambitions to go nuclear. Saudi is another 'best ally.' Israel should take note: to be a 'best ally' of the US or, for that matter, the West, is no good thing, as history has proved. One wrong move, one cheeky offence, one slap in the face, one more USS Liberty†event and the likes of Mrs Clinton will be screaming for regime change on humanitarian grounds, citing atrocities carried out against the Palestinian people.†

For the US and the West have few demonstrable allegiances to anyone. Britain once proudly boasted of Idi Amin being 'their man' in Africa. The Irish traded with Hussein, along with the rest. The past is indeed another country, and they speak a different language there.†

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Comment from: wal burns [ Member ]
It seems that the governments of China and Russia, no paragons of international virtue, have wised up following their blunder in giving Nato carte blanche to shoot the Libyan army to bits from the air, ostensibly to protect 'the Libyan people' against the army. Now that the victory of the rebels has turned into intertribal battles, torturing and killing of suspected pro-Gadhafi supporters, and summary executions and deportations of dark-skinned suspected mercenaries (some of whom were clandestine migratory workers looking for any unskilled jobs available on construction and other sites) it has become clear that it would be unwise for the security council to pass a 'no fly' resolution on Syria that might be used in the same way. The one sided moralising of op-ed writers in British and North American newspapers regarding the deaths of civilians (anybody carrying a gun is no longer a civilian) and war correspondents in the Syrian rebellion is a matter for deep suspicion.
   2012-02-28 @ 05:40:16 am

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